Chinese character Xu


) 拼音: xǔ ( Traditional Chinese: Xu ) Pinyin: ㄒㄩˇ Phonetic: ㄒ ㄩ ㄏ ㄨ

部外笔画: 4 总笔画: 6 Radicals: Outer strokes : 4Total strokes: 6

简体部外笔画: 4 简体总笔画: 6 Simplified radicals: Simplified strokes: 4 Simplified total strokes: 6

Traditional radicals: words

YTFH 仓颉: IVOJ 郑码: SMED 电码: 6079 Wubi 86/98: YTFH Cangjie: IVOJ Zheng Code: SMED Code: 6079

453112 四角号码: 38740 UNICODE: 8BB8 Stroke order number: 453112 Corner number: 38740 UNICODE: 8BB8

Basic meaning


¨Ò ㄩ
  1. Answered and approved: ~ Yes. Allow ~. Special ~.
  2. Recognize its advantages: praise ~. Jia ~.
  3. Promise in advance: ~ No.
  4. The woman accepts the man to ask for marriage: ~ deserve. ~ Marry. By appearance ~.
  5. Or, maybe: also ~. Or ~.
  6. Place, place: He ~ person.
  7. Words that indicate an approximate estimate: a few ~. Less ~.
  8. This: such as ~.
  9. The name of the princes of the Zhou Dynasty in China, east of Xuchang City, Henan Province today.
  10. surname.

English-Chinese Translation

allow perhaps praise promise allow perhaps praise promise

Dialect collection

  • Cantonese: heoi2

explain in detail

  • Xu

Xu xǔ <动>

  1. (Phonetic. Congyan, afternoon. Original meaning: promise, permission)
  2. Synonymous with [allow; permit]
    1. Xu, listen. -"Said the text". Press and listen to it.
    2. Prince Xu. -"Lu Shi Spring and Autumn Period". Note: "Novo also."
    3. Urgently ask Wu Gong, Gong Fu Xu. -"Zuo Zhuan, the first year of Yin Gong"
    4. [Some] Zhigong Daxian, how about Xu Wufa's ruthless monarch? —— "Wu Wang Faping Pinghua"
    5. Forbidden me, I am Ping Ying and Gui. -"Book Ginteng"
    6. Miscellaneous. -"Lie Zi Tang Wen"
    7. It's a widow. —— "Warring State Policy Wei Ce"
    8. Must not be allowed. -"Historical Biography of Lian Po's Prime Minister"
    9. Then Xu Xiandi drove. ——Zhu Geliang's "Master Class"
  3. Another example: franchise; only success, no failure; permission; acquiescence; permission (agree, acknowledge); permission (agree); permission (agree)
  4. [Agree; approve of]
    1. Everyone compares to Guan Zhong and Le Yi, and there is no such thing as Xu Zhi. -"Biography of the Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang"
  5. Promised in advance [promise]
    1. Qin Wang Duzhi could not be seized in the end, so Xu Zhai was five days old. -"Historical Biography of Lian Po's Prime Minister"
    2. Give my second aunt to the head of Huangliangzhuang Zhang family and get married with my fingers. -"Dream of Red Mansions"
  6. Another example: Xu Xiangyuan (when praying for the gods and Buddhas, offer some kind of reward after the event); Xu Ren (promised to be); Xu Zi (Xu match, Xu marriage, Xu marry. All refer to permission marriage)
  7. Expect [hope]
    1. The Great Wall was concealed in the sky, and the decay in the mirror was spotted. ——Song Lu You, Book Anger
  8. Another example: Xu Shen (aspiration, self-expectation)
  9. Believe [believe]
    1. What about the king Xu?-"Mencius King Liang Hui". Zhao Qi's note: "Xu, Xinye."
  10. Give;
    1. My mother was there, but she didn't dare to promise anyone. -"Historical Records of Bikes"
  11. Another example: make promises with the body; make promises with the body (Xu Guo: serve the country)

Part of speech

  • Xu

Xu xǔ <Name>

  1. Place [place]
    1. The ground is far away from the mountain resistance.
    2. I don't know who it is. ——Ming Wei Xi's Biography of the Great Iron Spine
  2. Ancient country name [Xu state]. A vassal state in the eleventh century BC. Jiang surname. Chu was destroyed by the early Warring States Period. One said to be destroyed by Wei. Hometown in Xuchangdong, Henan Province
  3. Xu Chang is short for [Xu chang]. Such as: Xudu (the first year of Jian'an, Cao Cao welcomed the Emperor and offered the capital to Xuchang, which is called Xudu. Now Xuchang County, Henan Province); Xu Luo (Xuchang, Luoyang)
  4. Indicate approximate quantity [numerous]
    1. If it is ten words. ——Song Hongmai's "Continuation of Rongzhai"
    2. Cited by Zhang Zhang Xu. -"Liao Zhai Zhi Yi · Weaving"
  5. surname
  • Xu

Xu xǔ <Vice>

  1. Maybe, maybe [perhaps]. Example: He didn't come today, Xu is sick
    1. number
  2. : Indicates an approximate estimated amount [about]
    1. Fifty thousand people died in the river. -"Han Han Book"
    2. A hundred miles from Fuyang to Tonglu. —— Wu Jun's Book of Thoughts with Zhu Yuan
    3. There are hundreds of fish in the pond. ——Tang Liu Zongyuan's "To the Xiaoqiu West Little Shitan"
  • Xu

Xu xǔ <代>

  1. Like this
    1. The Jiangnan Lao has been uprising for a long time, and it is gradually coming into being. -"Water Margin"
    2. There are Chihiro bamboos in the world, and the moon is falling in the sky. ——Song Su Shi's "Answers to the Rhyme and Visible Post"
  2. Another example: a few (many); Xu Da (so big; 偌 big; big); Xu Lai Da (Xu Da); Xu Da rough (So big, so rough)
  3. What, what [what]
    1. Zhijun's secretary is a gentleman, going to Shuobian calmly for Xu?-Tang Du Shenyan "Gift Secretary Su Shi"

Kangxi Dictionary

  • "The Book of Songs", "Word Department" · Xu
  • 虛上聲。 "Tang Yun" "Zheng Yun" Xu Luqie "Ji Yun" " Yunhui " happy words cut, emptiness on the sound. Listen to "Speaking". "Guang Ya" and also. "Jade articles" never too. "Guangyun" is also available. "Zeng Yun" is about the same. The "Book Jin Teng" promises me that it is my fate to return to you. I do n’t allow it, I ’m Nao and Nao. "Historical Records of the Ancestors of the High Ancestors" Lu Yanu. Lu Gong said: He always wanted to be surprised about this woman and the noble, but he arrogantly promised Liu Ji. And "Boya" also entered. "Poetry Daya" Zhao Zilai Xu. "Biography" Xu, Jin also. "Shu" courtesy of Xu Xu, and then entered, so Xu also entered. And believe it. "Mencius" is about Wang Xuzhi. He Xingye, period also. The achievements of Guan Zhong and Yan Zi in Mencius can be revived. Another name. "Poetry Lu Song" is often associated with Xu. "Paper" Xu, Tian Ye, Lu Chao Su Yi. And country name, county name, state name. Eleven Years in the Spring and Autumn Period and Qi Hou Zheng Bofaxu. Geography of "Shu": Xu County, Xichuan County, Xu County, Han County Xu County, Wei Wuxi said Xu Chang, and later Zhou was Xuzhou. And surname. "Guangyun" was published in Gaoyang Runan, originally from Jiang surnamed after Emperor Yan, and descended from Taiyue. Communicate again. "Historical Records of the Zheng Shi Family" Zheng Gong is evil. "Note" is the same as Xu, so is Xu Linggong. 火五切,音虎。 Also "Ji Yun" "Yun Hui" "Zheng Yun" ?? Fire five cut, sound tiger. "Poetry Xiaoya" logging Xu Xu. "Biography" Xu Xu, beautiful appearance. "Zhu Zhuan" the voice of everyone working together. "Huainanzi · Tao Yingxun" today, the husband raises the big wooden person, before the evil cries, but also after the response, this weightlifting song of persuasion. "Note" Xu, sound tiger. "Word Complement" is phonological. And "Class articles" 浒, one for Xu.

Explain Words

  • "Volume III" "The Ministry of Speech" · Xu
  • Listen too. Afternoon. Xryuce


allow, permit; promise; betroth allow, permit; promise; betroth

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